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العنوان: 28th Oktovriou Street, Thessaloniki, يونان
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Eurogat S.A, is the market leader in coffee machines bar hotel and restaurant equipment for the Greek market and is successfully expanding its operations in Southeast Europe. This is a result of 20 years experience, hard work and in depth research of the international market. The Company is an established market pioneer for importing and representing durable, innovative and cutting edge products. It is very well known of its pluralistic product portfolio offering a variety of choices to its customers and satisfying the needs of every contemporary business. The Company represents a number of international well known and trustworthy international houses of coffee machines bar hotels and restaurant equipments such as WEGA, DALLA CORTE, MAHLKOENIG, COFFEE QUEEN, GAGGIA, SCHAERER, DITTING, URNEX, WATER & MORE e.t.c In the last years Eurogat, utilizing market knowledge and product know how, has created its own label products BELOGIA with innovative design in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These products are manufactured by well known international manufacturers such as Eurotech, Crem International e.t.c.

Eurogat has an excellent reputation for its organized After Sales Service & Technical Support Department which is the company’s competitive advantage that adds value to products and services the company provides. Eurogat Service Points developing through out Greece result even faster and direct technical support in many parts of the country hence creates a unique advantage for the company’s partners through out the country. This is a sustainable competitive advantage that differentiates the company and makes Eurogat the most reliable partner for every professional.

Combining all the above the Company’s management remains committed to Eurogat’s vision and goals which is the provision of high quality products and services and that has enabled the company to develop a customers’ portfolio that includes well known international companies in coffee and tourism industry.

Allrestaurants - EUROGAT - Thessaloniki, يونان Allrestaurants - EUROGAT - Thessaloniki, يونان Allrestaurants - EUROGAT - Thessaloniki, يونان Allrestaurants - EUROGAT - Thessaloniki, يونان Allrestaurants - EUROGAT - Thessaloniki, يونان

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