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Alami Investment Group established the Arab Malaysian Vegetable Oil Products Company (OIL) as a private foreign industrial investment project in 2007 in Saudi Arabia.
The company established (Oils) a group of factories in the light industry area in the Royal Commission Yanbu. This group includes factories for the preparation, manufacture and packing of edible oils and vegetable fats. The company also established storage depots for vegetable oils, refining plant and extracting (first two) Angel at the King Fahad Industrial Port Yanbu.
All the components of the factories, all the tanks, and the pipeline network of transporting oils, filters, pumps, and refining and manufacturing equipment are completely constructed of high quality stainless steel, in order to ensure the highest levels of hygiene, food safety and quality. Quality according to the most international specifications. The factories are equipped with the latest modern production lines, which are managed by the latest technologies using computer, electronic control and advanced control, under the supervision of teams of skilled industrial engineers and technicians with high scientific qualifications and extensive experience in this field.
The investment group has also established two modern factories in the light industry in the Royal Commission for the manufacture of metal and plastic containers of various shapes and sizes. The investment group has also established a sister company for modern transport and distribution, which includes a fleet of the latest trucks.
Quality standards exceed the highest international standards:
The company is committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in its various products of high purity natural vegetable oils and fats, starting with the selection of the finest raw materials of vegetable oils and palm oils. The company is also committed to applying the highest standards and standards for quality control during the successive stages of production, Extraction of crude oils and shipping of oils in tanks of stainless steel, and then receiving and storing oil in Yanbu in tanks of stainless steel and under the cover of nitrogen gas to protect it and then through the different stages of refining and liquidation, and then the production of oils and vegetable fats And the completion of the ideal packaging and storage processes in strict sanitary conditions.

Allrestaurants - ZEYUT - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - ZEYUT - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - ZEYUT - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - ZEYUT - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - ZEYUT - Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA