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Address: 287, 26579 Taif, SAUDI ARABIA
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Al-Taif National Dairy Factory for dairy products was considered the oldest dairy factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plant began its production operation on 1404 H.

Relative to its geographical location, Taif city was chosen to be the plant’s headquarter and finally named Taif National Dairy Factory. During its productive and fruitful career that spanned for more than thirty years and thru the undertakings of factory management it achieved dramatic development through different production stages and multi way distribution. Since the plant’s first breakthrough in product excellence, it increases its plant capacity and productivity in order to meet the fast growing market demands.

To achieve the factory management goals of offering the market with product variants and to promote something new, it continues it’s product development through it’s innovative in the area of dairy industry and it’s derivatives as well as juices and other distinguished product like Laban Badiah (Drinking Yoghurt), Yoghurt, Labneh, Cream with Honey, Labneh, Natural Juices Etc.

High tech laboratory has been built for quality control and monitoring of all production stages in order to ensure topmost product quality. These products were distributed in most cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its branches deployed in the cities around the kingdom through a modern fleet of delivery trucks, refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure that the products are fresh, easy and convenient to the consumer.

In order to define multiple consumer products of different factories in terms of product and packaging, factory management has created a portal to the factory in order to make it easier for the consumer to identify the factory with ease.

Allrestaurants - TAIF - Taif, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - TAIF - Taif, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - TAIF - Taif, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - TAIF - Taif, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - TAIF - Taif, SAUDI ARABIA