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Address: Caffia Coffee Group, Lomond House ,Russel Street, FK2 7HS Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: +441324617618 Mobile: * Fax: *
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Caffia Coffee Group is a British success story in pragmatic, outward-looking coffee and commercial coffee machine expertise embracing global taste styles and in-depth coffee and equipment knowledge in a progressive way that few others can lay claim to.
Defining Premium Coffee.
Our super-modern coffee roaster, strict quality control, research lab and training showrooms are just the final stages in a long and fascinating journey bringing this marvel of nature from the tropics to your cup. Caffia will create the ultimate coffee experience for you from our range of 8 espresso beans and 8 filter coffee and cafetiere coffees which includes Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified premium coffees.

Our principal sales contacts are: Ben Hardwick:
Good Day, I am an experienced coffee and coffee equipment professional with in-depth knowledge of blend characteristics and performance and their best applications in daily use for office coffee, foodservice and in travel catering applications.
Working as sales and marketing manager in a respected and expanding family enterprise which builds durable relationships with customers and suppliers is a pleasure and I hope I can work with you personally soon!
and Russell Hardwick
Hello There, I'm a business development manager advising on all aspects of commercial coffee equipment, grinders, ancillary machinery and barista training. I travel and train a good deal and I love to get hands-on with our brilliant range to help you maximise your output and customer satisfaction in both office refreshments and restaurant coffee machines.
Coffee is a subject where one is always learning but I can claim to be both experienced and highly proficient in which blend or type will suit your needs and exceed your expectations!
As our family-run business continues its rapid growth, I hope I will be able to touch base with you before long to share my enthusiasm for this amazing trade – nothing stays the same, and with our exciting nationwide growth and increased London focus we’ll no doubt meet soon.

Allrestaurants - CAFFIA - Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - CAFFIA - Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - CAFFIA - Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - CAFFIA - Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - CAFFIA - Falkirk, UNITED KINGDOM