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Address: Pub Stuff Limited, Williamscot Road Industrial Centre, Williamscot Road, Cropredy, OX17 1PQ Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM
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All Pub Stuff products, including pub tables, dining chairs, sofas, bar stools, bar chairs and comfy chairs that we manufacture slot easily into our core Pub Stuff values. We ensure all our furniture is ethically sourced from well managed factories that employ good safety procedures.
All our wooden pub furniture is made from Rubberwood and acacia wood. Both are grown extensively in plantations throughout Malaysia and Vietnam. Rubberwood only produces natural latex for about 20 years and then it used to be burned in situ – happily we’ve been able to re-use this waste product and it’s manufactured as close as possible to its source. You can see it’s managed wood and quite young because it’s joined in small blocks.
Only 8% of the world’s forests are protected, unfortunately this means forest wood is still being ripped out at a rate of knots. Teak, for example, takes 40 years to grow in plantations to any real useable size and then it’s still a white colour.
All our Pub Stuff stains for all our pub furniture are water based and we are vigilant recyclers!
It’s a safeguard to both our furniture and our conscience. Our Pub Stuff furniture needs skilled workers and it would be madness to short cut here. Our furniture factories are inspected even before they get an order from PubStuff, either by us personally or be our QC agents who have worked with us for the last 8 years.
The third Keystone of the Pub Stuff heartbeat is Social Responsibility. A recent addition is the Pub Stuff Community Stuff offering. It’s a nationwide initiative offering charities the opportunity to apply for pub furniture. We’ll provide both planning and design expertise for deserving projects be it an OAP Club, a Youth Club or Group who need a comfortable space or a Community Café. And then we’ll supply the furniture.
I hope this somehow explains why Pub Stuff do what we do. At the end of the day, we truly want to provide the very best value for ALL our customers whilst maintaining our open pricing and trying in a small way to do this in an ethically and socially responsible way, whilst all the time aiming to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.

Allrestaurants - PUB STUFF  - Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - PUB STUFF  - Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - PUB STUFF  - Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - PUB STUFF  - Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM Allrestaurants - PUB STUFF  - Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM