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Address: Via Elio Vittorini 12, 93010 Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY
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The Pastificio Principe is a Sicilian inserted within a market segment that continues to record positive trend due to factors related to innovation in the processing of a traditional product, the diversification of the final outputs and a policy that aims for excellence of the raw materials. Born in 2006 from the passion of Michele Butera and Rino April for the fresh pasta and from their experience in production processes related to the grain chain, It is characterized as a young and dynamic business reality.

With its multiple references of fresh pasta pasta factory PRINCE offers a range of products suitable for all tastes and ideal for any type of recipe.

The factory PRINCE, based on Serradifalco (CL), Center uncontaminated Sicilian hinterland agriculture, manufacturing and marketing for almost ten years artisan pasta superior.

The company, now it recognized under Directive 92/5 / EEC by the Ministry of Health, in the early years it has distributed the products in its own territory, managing to win the trust of consumers in the district of the Valley, strong of a policy based on high quality and freshness of the local raw materials used and characterized by a truly artisan machining process with a careful and strict control of all production phases, the dosage of the ingredients to the final packaging.

Current production, and the use of an always fresh mix, in recent years he has allowed the company to count among its customers leading catering services, restaurants and lounges national and international regional receptions (Tower, agugliapersa, Brightness etc ..).

So says, The owner Michele Butera : "Each of us has a drawer full of childhood memories, when everything around us had a good flavor, single.
My memories are linked to the pasta, a soft quell'impasto come to life and consistency between the sweet and delicate hands of my grandmother. My curiosity to understand how all this happened, He is pushing me to try, to put "hands-on". And 'it born that way, my passion and my love for pasta!
since then, with intense memory and I live my grandmother and wise collaboration Rino April, continuing this extraordinary family tradition.

And so it is expressed with a hint of pride Rino Aprile Co-founder Company partner: "When we started making fresh pasta, we did not start from scratch. We then learned slowly to excellence, Supported by the strong passion and the engagement, pioneering the use of raw materials even better and more innovative production technologies, however, with absolute respect for tradition”.

Allrestaurants - PASTIFICIO PRINCIPE - Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY Allrestaurants - PASTIFICIO PRINCIPE - Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY Allrestaurants - PASTIFICIO PRINCIPE - Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY Allrestaurants - PASTIFICIO PRINCIPE - Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY Allrestaurants - PASTIFICIO PRINCIPE - Serradifalco (Caltanissetta), ITALY