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Address: Beirut, LEBANON
Age: 48 Gender: Male
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Education: Bachelor of business administration majoring in restaurant & hospitality management From SCHILLER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY Miami U S A
Specialization: Specializing in Advanced culinary arts –

I grew up and lived in Beirut all his life. He has been in the cooking business since age 18 right after he took his certificate from the Technical School of Hospitality in 1990.

After excelling in several restaurants and hotels, he pursued a higher education at the Schiller International College in 1993 and took his Bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Advanced Culinary Arts.

His creativity and eagerness throughout the years lead him to become the Executive Chef of Gruen Eatery in 2005.

Because of this success, he received a personal invitation in 2009 from the Italian Trade Commission and Slow Food Italy to lecture in the yearly conference of “The Shores of the Same Sea” in Campania and represent Lebanon at the Bistrot of the Cultural World Club in Florence.

With his reputation established, the Beirut Hospitality Company of Solidere appointed him Head Chef in their venture in 2010. He is currently in charge of the BHC’s Central Kitchen and the BHCatering in Biel, Relais Foch in Downtown and Café M in Beirut Souks.

2010 Head Chef at Beirut Hospitality Company - Solidere
Responsible of the head chefs of Relais Foch (by Michelin star Chef Antoine Westermann), Café M, the BHC Central Kitchen and the BHCatering.

2005 Executive Chef at Gruen Eatery
Created the concept of a Fusion/International Cuisine.
80 seats restaurant/225 pax per lunch time.

2004 Private Chef at Al Ghanim Family - Kuwait

Responsible for the preparation of new daily menus & ensuring a high standard production. Supervision of Sheikh Omar Al Ghanim special diet.

2002 Head Chef & Kitchen Manager at Fennel

Italian cuisine and daily fresh pasta.

2001 Sous Chef at Angelus

French Gastronomie

1997 Sous Chef at Atlas Café

Modern American-International Cuisine

Allrestaurants -  - Beirut, LEBANON Allrestaurants -  - Beirut, LEBANON Allrestaurants -  - Beirut, LEBANON Allrestaurants -  - Beirut, LEBANON Allrestaurants -  - Beirut, LEBANON