Registration in AllRestaurants website and magazine

How to register and advertise on the website:

1. Registration:

  • You can subscribe to the website by filling out the electronic form on the registration page with the required data and information.
  • The account is activated after the data and information inserted into the form is verified, and when the activation link has been confirmed from the user’s email inbox
  • You should pay the annual registration fees so that the subscription to the website services is activated. That can be done by clicking on the links in subscriber’s financial record.

2. Posting and Advertisement:

  • Log in to the website using your username and password.
  • Choose “My ads” from the user’s control panel.
  • Choose the advertisement type to be added.
  • Fill out the advertising electronic form (the subscription information does not have to match the advertising information), then post the advertisement image.
  • Choose the advertisement period.
  • Pay the advertising fees by clicking on the link that appears in the subscriber’s financial record so that the advertisement is published in its specific place on the website.
  • Only cooks can add an advertisement in the cooks club for free, and it appears in the cooks club all through the registration period.

3. The information needed for registration:

All subscribers, individuals or companies, must fill out all the required fields in the registration electronic form or advertising electronic form with accurate information. In case this information was not correct, the website administration would cancel the subscription and advertisement. All information and data submitted by subscribers is checked through the website administration or through agents in the subscriber’s country. The subscriber may not request a refund of the advertisement or subscription fees in the case of submitting incorrect information and their subscription or advertisement has been cancelled as a result.

4. Email activation:

On filling all the data into the registration form on the website, the subscriber has to confirm his/her email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to him/her in the activation email. The link is only valid for 15 days.