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Sauvage: {der Wilde, die Wilde}

Sauvage opened her doors in May 2011, in the vibrant Kreuzköllner Kiez. After six months of hard labour we've transformed a former brothel into a small restaurant with great ambition. Sauvage represents the first Paleolithic - or Prehistoric- restaurant on the Eurasian continent. Rumor has it that Sauvage might in fact be the first restaurant of sorts in the whole World.

With a lot of love and devotion we'd like to take you on a culinary time travel, a trip on our rollercoaster of taste explosions to a creative, saporous outburst for your senses.

We welcome you to the warm heart of our primal kitchen. Come and taste. Discover. Enjoy.

Boris & Rodrigo.

Huh? Paleo? :

The paleolithic Cuisine is based on a groundbreaking vision on nutrition and offers the world's most healthy diet. Nonetheless is Paleolithic food also one of the most flavourous. The prehistoric kitchen exclusively works with organic, unprocessed foods and thus excludes every kind of processed foods, sprung from agriculture and domestication. Grains, starches, dairy products and sugar have no place on the paleolithic menu. The basic ingredients of Paleo cooking are veggies, meat, fish, eggs, oils, nuts, seeds and herbs. All ingredients come from Organic farming or wildlife.

Paleo Cuisine is based on the dietary habits of our prehistoric ancestors, but doesn't tend to mimic how prehistoric man ate. The Modern Paleo cook combines evolutionary science with contemporary cuisine and ancestral cooking methods.

Yeah! Paleo! :

Adjusting your eating habits to paleo principles means actually feeding your body how nature intended. Doing so results in immediate, tremendous health-benefits. One should really try it out to understand the real impact. From personal experience we noted the following results:

*Higher and steady energy levels thoughout the whole day- everyday.

*Natural bodyrecomposition- effortless fatburning and musclegrowth.

*Clear skin, softer hair and stronger teeth.

*Better immunesystem (Hence no more colds or flus. Major savings on doctorvisits and pharmaceutical purchases!)

*Higher sexdrive.

*Mental balance and general wellbeing.

Caveman cookin' :

*100% Homemade!

We prepare everything ourselves. From the ghee, which gives that soft & creamy taste when frying a steak, to our wallnutbutter, our variety of pesto's and the meanwhile famous grainfree crackers. We choose to start from full organic basic ingredients, in order to ensure you the most pure and natural finished dish, in stead of opening up a jar and pop some convenience meal into the microwave. Therefor we ask for your understanding, when it takes a while to serve your meal. We hope we created a place where you can relax, enjoy the music and a glass of wine, so waiting for your plate becomes a pleasure...

*Healthy meats and fish!

All of the animal products we use in our kitchen come from controlled organic farming or wildlife. Happy, healthy animals provide healthier and better tasting meat. We assure you will never find a piece of meat from a diseased and tortured animal on your plate at Sauvage. We purchase meat from free range, organic fed and as much as possible grassfed cattle.

*Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds!

As in the animal products we use, all our vegetarian ingredients come from organic farming. Because we are restricted by seasonal availability our menu is limited, and ever changing. In this way we can serve you the most fresh and best tasting foods.


We sweet our dishes with the natural sweetness of fruits and herbs. All our cakes and pies are 100% free of processed sugar. Therefor you will find that our cakes and desserts are never overly sweet, but let you enjoy their wide scala of natural flavours, provided by fresh fruits, nuts, herbs and raw honey. Sweet indulgence, but sugarfree and full of antioxidants, fibre and vitamins! Could there be anything better in the whole wide world?

*Gluten and Grainfree!

Grains are designed to resist, not to be eaten. Those stonehard corns are bulking of Lectins, Phytins and other anti-nutrients. With every bite they attack our digestive- and immune system, putting our bodies in a constant inflammatory state, causing disease combined with fatigue and fat storage due to the carb-overload. Thats why we shun grains like the plague. So no bread, no pasta, no rice. We leave those utterly bland and boring tastes behind us and offer you crackers, crusts & bakes made from seeds, vegetables and nutflours. Hard work for us, delicious tastes for you. You will find that the overconsumption of grains in traditional cuisine often makes you feel bloated, tired and uncomfortable after dinner. Our meals will make you fully sated but feeling light as a feather at the same time.

*Healthy Fats!

At Sauvage you know exactly what you eat. The majority of restaurants will serve you food, which often looks healthy on the outside, but can be bulking of invisible unhealthy junk. The free radicals of overheated or rancid oils for instance, or the transfats of hydrogenated vegetable oils. None of that on your plate at Sauvage. We bake, fry and cook with homemade ghee (clarified butter), homemade clarified lard or suet and unrefined palmoil or coconut oil. All of these provide healthy, heath-stable fats with an excellent Omega 3-Omega 6 ratio. Cold dishes are prepared with extra virgin Olive oil and Nut-oils. For your health.

Allrestaurants - SAUVAGE - Berlin, GERMANY Allrestaurants - SAUVAGE - Berlin, GERMANY Allrestaurants - SAUVAGE - Berlin, GERMANY Allrestaurants - SAUVAGE - Berlin, GERMANY Allrestaurants - SAUVAGE - Berlin, GERMANY
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