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M. A. Saadeddin & Partners Company
From the Holy Land of Jerusalem...started our march..and from the
Holy Land of Mecca and Medina prospered and developed..we march
through our heritage.. to present to our customers the original flavor
blended with history fragrant....... that restores us to our ancient
memories ....we offer it on a golden plate , embracing excellence in
depth and in full sense...with modernity that embraces development ,
refinement , promptness and proficiency.....because we do not stop
We have extended our distinction and expanded our products.....and
excelled in Arabic Pastries.... thus, the world pastry chefs and their
banners have become part of us employed to satisfy our customers
and their tastes.. not only this .. cakes, chocolates, nuts, coffee and
pastas .. Arabic and Italian ice creams .. various types of food stuffs
beverages .... and others .... are but indications to our strength and
magnitude of our concern to our customers tastes.
Saadeddin Pastry started business in 1935 at Akka City in Palestine ..
and moved throughout the years to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ...
and developed In the year2010 to 51 branches throughout the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Eastern and Western Regions the Kingdom
of Bahrain and Kuwait,and the number of our staff has exceeded 1000
All these factors make Saadeddin Company the leader and the biggest
in the area in making pastries and our march continues by God's Will.
Excellence of our Products and Services is our ultimate goal.....
Saadeddin products have gained high reputation due to Quality
Efficiency and Cleanliness because we use the best materials and
have high expertise in production Since we deal in the production and
sale of pastries and food, we constantly make laboratory tests on our
products to make sure of its quality .... before it is delivered to the
We always strive to offer the best products and services to our
customers, as this is our Golden Rule in doing business.
We have carried these principles since the establishment of our
Company , and we intend to keep up with our commitment by God's

Saadeddin Company is proud of its products , proud of its employees
and proud of its role in society .... We have the same feeling and
concern about our Customers and we have committed ourselves to
stay the Best and Biggest Pastry Producer in the area.

E. Ali Mohammed Saadeddin

Allrestaurants - SAADEDDIN PASTRY - Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - SAADEDDIN PASTRY - Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - SAADEDDIN PASTRY - Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - SAADEDDIN PASTRY - Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA Allrestaurants - SAADEDDIN PASTRY - Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
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