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The Best Restaurant in Sarajevo - Bosnian House Let us welcome you to the Bosnian House /Bosanska kuca/, the exclusive Restaurant located in the heart of Bascarsija at Bravadziluk Street. Bravadziluk Street connects Bascarsija square and the city hall (Sarajevo main library). The Restaurant Bosnian House is right next to Bascarsija Mosque. The Restaurant consists of three separated, yet connected, saloons. The interior of the Restaurant is decorated with the elements of old fashioned Bosnian architecture, exclusive details and antique furniture as well as best paintings of the Balkan, dating from the 19th century. The high-standard hospitality of the Restaurant Bosnian House is aimed to your satisfaction. We are pleased to have an opportunity to present you with our wide range of specialty ranging, from variety of sea food to more traditional Bosnian food. At Bosnian House sea specialties are prepared by the chef of the island of Vis. The daily import of sea food from Dubrovnik, Croatia is insuring the fresh preparation of fish, mussels, and crabs on our menu. Our gourmet Bosnian cuisine is enriched with chicken, and veal items served with our old traditional vegetables dishes. Often our guests refer to Bosnian House as a restaurant to please 'hungry eyes'. The reason for this remark is the size of our portions which equally invite and challenge our guests Come, we will be waiting at the address: Bravadziluk 3, Bascarsija, Sarajevo.

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