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About Indian cuisine Indian cuisine today is the combination of various traditions, recipes and dishes, which differ from one region to another. Meat is more popular in the North: rogan-josh (mutton curry), gushtaba (spicy meatballs in yoghurt), and the most delicious briyani(chicken or mutton with rice in orange sauce). The cuisine of Northern India involves dishes of Central Asia. The flavor of muglai dishes is rich; they are spicy, sprinkled with nuts and saffron. Famous tandoori (chicken, meat or fish marinated with herbs and baked in the clay oven) and kebab come from Northern regions. Eating beef is traditionally forbidden by religion. It’s followed by Muslims. At the same time the main food for the population of Goa is pork and rice. A peculiar feature of the cuisine of North Indian is using wheat and melted butter. For them butter is a sacred product, like any other product made from the milk of caw. Indians believe that eating butter daily is a symbol of well-being and prosperity. In the South the curry dishes with a lot of spices and vegetables are popular. We can recommend traditional recipes of bhugia (vegetable curry), dosa, idli and samba (rice flat cakes, dumplings with marinated fillings, and lentil with curry) and raita (yoghurt with grated cucumber and mint). Coconut is a basic ingredient of South-Indian cuisine. In the South coconut is compulsory ingredient, while in the North it is often replaced by various unflavored flat cakes – puri, chappati, nan and others. As for dishes popular all over India we can mention dal (sort of soup made of various legumes with vegetables) and dhai (sour clotted milk or yoghurt served with curry). The latter is not only a tasty dish, it refreshes better than carbonated beverages. But the abundance of leguminous and vegetables in cuisine unites people both in North and South. Proteins of leguminous have high nutritive value, at the same time the plants are cholesterol-free. Tea is a favorite drink of Indian people and most of its sorts got the popularity all over the world. Tea is often served with sugar and milk (masala tea). You can also try “tea on the tray”. Coffee is gaining popularity. Nimbu-pani (lemon drink) and lassi have a pleasant refreshing effect.

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