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An Open Secret of Beyoglu, Istanbul: Thai Cuisine that You may not have ever experienced before... The name Çok Çok* precisely captures the wide variety of flavours found in each dish of this much talk-about restaurant. Established since 2006, it has fast gained followers both local and foreign. The fresh spices and herbs used in the cooking, purely Thai and South East Asian, relate back to the Silk Route that once connected with Istanbul, where the restaurant is now located. The carefully crafted Architectural Facade took inspiration from the Traditional Thai House, but with a twist – built by the Istanbul shipbuilding industry, in mild steel and glass, gives the place a contemporary look. At night, the restaurant radiates warm light onto the street, adding charm to this historical and cultural district of Beyoğlu, Istanbul. ÇokÇok recognized as “Thai Select Restaurant” by Royal Thai Government Ministry of Trade and been selected as the Best Ethnic Restaurant in Turkey by a selective gourmet commitee. The intimate size of Çok Çok Restaurant caters for 60 guests on two levels in Winter, and 70 when the Garden Deck is open in the Summer. Miss Nuch, Resident Executive Chef of Çok Çok, a renowned chef in her home country Thailand, was specially invited to personally plan and cook the dishes since the restaurant started.

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