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“I knew the Elias when he entered for the first time in my restaurant to give us, on Easter, with a tray in his hands, replete of finest candies and the most delicate pies. Initially a beautiful vision, following itself a symphony of aromas and flavors which Elias knows well to produce thanks to its tireless work, always in search of the perfection. This boy who still adores cotton candy goes far. Congratulations. Good luck." Chef João Roberto La Piramide Restaurant Elias Nunes already cultivated his gifty since very early, when in the childhood he accompanied his father to accomplish some delights in the kitchen. In the enogastronomic area he also worked in great hotels in Brazil and companies, acquiring ample knowledge of production and finishing details, as much in the Italian culinary art as in french pâtisserie, that today is his specialization. It passed for schools as Senai and Senac / SP - Brazil, but his vast knowledge comes of self learn interest and, with a reading of more than thousand books. Worked in a gourmet club, acquiring experience with chefs of some nationalities and its different gastronomics cultures. In Sao Paulo, he trained and worked with the most famous chefs, becaming recognized for his work, arriving at the rank of First Chef in Club Med.

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