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A Classic in limerick The Texas Steak Out Restaurant was established almost 21 years ago and since its opening has remained one of the top Favourites on the Limerick dining scene. Located in the very heart of town, the “Steakout” is a meeting place for people of all walks of life. Our Food At the “Steakout” we cater for all varied tastes… Not just for the Meat lovers. We also have an excellent choice Of Chicken, Vegetarian and Fish dishes. And then there is our Mexican menu – the likes of which you would have to travel to South America to get anything better!! Our service Our A La Carte Menu has just taken on some new Dishes which can only enjoyed by making a Personal visit to this downstairs haven of ambience and comfort. We pride ourselves on the warm, friendly service we offer our Guests and relish the fact that our Staff are highly trained in The art of Customer relations. Top off that Special Dish with a Wine from our Extensive Wine List at a price that will pleasantly surprise you!

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