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EN: In the restaurant OJO DE AGUA in Zurich, Dieter Meier has been offering his biologically certified wines and his Premium Estancia Beef from Argentina for more than ten years. This was followed by the Bärengasse restaurant and the Atelier Bar, both of which are extremely successful. This success is mainly due to the quality of the organic wines (92 Parker points) and beef, which can be traced back to their origin, on their own farms. The organic wines are pressed by one of the world's leading oenologists (Marcelo Pelleriti) who, for his wines from the Pommerol (Chateau Legay and Chateau La Violette), this year 100 resp. 99 Parker points. The Beef comes from cattle of the breeds Hereford and Black Angus, which feed themselves throughout the year in the free nature of grass. In our restaurants, we offer a unique wine and meat flavor in an Argentine atmosphere. DE: Es folgten das Restaurant Bärengasse und die Atelier Bar, die beide überaus erfolgreich sind. Dieser Erfolg basiert vor allem auf der Qualität der Bio-Weine (92 Parker-Punkte) und des Beefs, welche bis auf ihren Ursprung, auf den eigenen Farmen zurückverfolgbar sind. Die Bioweine sind gekeltert von einem der weltführenden Oenologen (Marcelo Pelleriti), der für seine Weine aus dem Pommerol (Chateau Legay und Chateau La Violette) dieses Jahr 100 resp. 99 Parker-Punkte erhalten hat. Das Beef stammt von Rindern der Rassen Hereford und Black Angus, die sich das ganze Jahr in der freien Natur von Gras ernähren.

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