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The history of the Gallo Pinto restaurant chain goes back to the years 1968, when Mr. Tereso Pinzón, together with his daughter Esmeralda Pinzón de Santana, founded in the town of Penonomé, exactly on the corner of the public market, a modest inn that offered Creole food and its specialty or main course was the pork taco guacho, which later would be called GALLO PINTO. The name GALLO PINTO, arises because at that time one of the tunes of tamborito, typical Panamanian music, he liked very much his daughter Esmeralda and to date is very remembered by the Panamanian people: "The fight begins: I go to my Gallo Pinto "of that tonada the idea of ​​putting the name to the Restaurant arises, later the same people are responsible for putting the dish of the house, which at that time was the guacho de rabito de puerco, the name of GALLO PINTO, preferred of all Panamanians. Other customs that the client liked, was the way the restaurant prepared their products, since people could see how the collaborators made frying, especially tortillas and cuts of steak meat and liver and coffee hand cast That was gaining the preference of the people in general.

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