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Discover the holiest place on earth for Muslims all over the world, with Le Méridien Towers Makkah. Strategically located in the Kudai area, Le Méridien Towers Makkah is connected to the Holy Mosque through the tunnel of King Abdulaziz gate. Complimentary parking is available and shuttle buses are provided to guests at ten minute intervals, offering transfers to and from the holy Mosque. Besides visiting the Holy Mosque, guests are also invited to discover the city of Makkah, including the Islamic Museum &Kaaba Cloth Factory, which are just a short drive away. The hotel, comprised of multiple towers, features elegantly designed spaces to inspire the curious mind. Le Méridien Towers Makkah features 647 comfortable Guest Rooms& Suites, 290 Diplomatic Rooms, 209 Princely Suites, and 147 Royal Suites. Discover great new tastes at Le Méridien Towers Makkah with sumptuous buffets that are as diverse as the guests who journey to the holy city. With a choice of Arabic, Asian and Moroccan cuisines, there are culinary options that will appeal to every palate. For social gatherings and memorable celebrations, the hotel also offers a well-appointed banquet hall that gets conversations and interaction flowing

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