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The larder is a unique catering and gastronomic retail store, the first of its kind to open in Antigua. The larder caters to parties, yacht services, private aircraft, barbeques, beach picnics or any special event. The changing daily menu, as well as fully stocked deli case allows you to explore the exquisite culinary offerings. The larder focuses on upscale gourmet to-go, offering epicurean prepared meals and catering. The daily menu features only the finest fresh produce, fish, meats, & fowl that the island has to offer. Our Sushi Bar offers the best on the island and is already renowned throughout Antigua for its superb quality. The Owners The Larder is owned and operated by established experienced restaurateur siblings Bernadette, Jeff & Eddie, and is the newest addition to the Big Banana Family. With over 25 years of experience and success in the catering business, they aim to excite your taste buds once again. Since taking on the new gastronomic deli café The Larder in 2011, they have already expanded to add the hugely popular Sushi bar. “the larder promises to be a perfect marriage between Bernadette, Jeff & Eddie’s love for catering and your love for food.” The History Siblings Bernadette, Jeff & Eddie took over the Big Banana Company in 1984 and established one of Antigua’s most popular hot spots, fondly known to many as “Pizzas”, where people gather to enjoy great food in a great atmosphere. In 1994 the company expanded as they won the bid to run the restaurant at the International Airport, now known as Big Banana 17°61°, catering to friends of all walks of life from all parts of the world as they pass though the Airport. In June 1999, they took over Spinnaker’s Restaurant on Dickenson Bay, which after major renovations, they re-opened as The Beach Restaurant. With Asian & Mediterranean influences, it was the first restaurant to introduce Sushi to Antigua. After a successful and exciting 10-year lease they closed the beach restaurant and moved on to the larder.

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