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They say that the best nectar emanates from the heart of the Dominican Republic and it is precisely from there, from the heart of our land, inside and brown, where we have taken chinchines from our things to offer the Dominican and the visitor, in trays of behuco and cane adorned with cayenas, replete with the charisma that identifies us as a people. Chines of healthy countryside joy, simple town smiles, sand dancing with bare feet, sayings of our grandparents that yesterday and today have been true; fire, wood, jug, stove, tambora, güira, tirapiedra and chichigua, ginger, cinnamon and macuto ... and food with flavor to CONUCO; little piece of earth worked with sweat and strong hands of our men and women. EL CONUCO, a piece of our field in the middle of the city, was planted on April 5, 1991, and today has been paid by many Dominicans proud and hungry for their roots and by many visitors eager to taste and know what we offer as a country. We invite you to help us with your visit to remain what was and is our mystique: an authentic projection of our culture and at the same time, we remind you that in each harvest there is a new HOPE and that each drop of rain makes a new seed grow later it becomes fruit.

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