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Epicureans need look no further than Yunyan Sichuan Restaurant to experience the true flavour and spirit of the finest in Sichuan cuisine. Yunyan selects only top quality ingredients, including the best chillies from Sichuan, to impart real authenticity into each dish. With a style of its own, there are no boundaries to the excellent authentic Sichuan cuisine and attentive service that brings epicureans a delightful savoury journey. The combination of sophisticated culinary methods, together with a contemporary atmosphere that exceeds expectations, will undoubtedly define the best Sichuan cuisine for discerning epicureans. Sichuan Cuisine : Taste the mouth-watering flavours, get the tingle of Sichuan pepper and feel the heat of the chilli – all are pleasant ways to feel the gutsy glories of Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant prides itself as one of eight renowned cuisines in China, Sichuan cuisine offers a sublime experience that is unique, exceptional and stupendous.

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