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Kerala Kitchen : Kerala (the Southern State of India) is a beautiful land with mountain ranges and wild life sanctuaries on the eastern boarders and backwaters and sea on the western boarders. The state is fully covered with vegetations and offers the most beautiful holiday spots on the planet. There is hardly a place on the planet with offers such views of mountain ranges and sea together. The word Kerala means ‘Land of Coconuts’ and is literally true. The land is blessed with natural beauty and is called God’s own Country, which is very true in every aspect. The state of Kerala is divided into 14 districts. On the basis of geographical, historical and cultural similarities, the districts are generally grouped into Malabar Region (North Kerala), Kochi Region and Travancore (South Kerala). Cuisine in Kerala has roots in the history, geography and culture of the land. These can be classified under the two standard headings - vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. While the non-vegetarian dishes are all heavily spiced, the vegetarian repertoire is mildly spiced and feels especially easier on the non-native tongue. Based on the age-old traditional cooking techniques and spices, Kerala Kitchen Restaurant offers the authentic taste of Kerala in UAE. Our menu comprises selections from the Malabar, Kochi & the Travancore region, the Central Kerala specialties and few dishes from the coastline and Chinese Dishes in Kerala style. Both our Travancore and Malabar cuisine consists of a variety of vegetarian dishes using many vegetables and fruits that are not commonly used in curries elsewhere in India including plantains, bitter gourd, taro, Colocasia, Ash gourd etc. At Kerala Kitchen, our food is inspired by the authentic home cooking of beautiful, spice-rich Kerala, where all our chefs come from. Food is our passion, prepared for you always with devotion, love, and the finest ingredients in Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian style, which is guaranteed to satisfy. Our aim is to promote the treasures of Kerala to the people in United Arab Emirates. Kerala Kitchen proudly offer you the tastiest and the most mouth-watering dishes and recipes from Kerala, using freshly handpicked ingredients consisting chiefly of garden fresh seasonal vegetables and seafood. As we specialize in unique Kerala dishes, our staff will be happy to guide you through our exhaustive menu. We strive to make your meal enjoyable and memorable in the best way possible.. About Kerala : "When you leave the Islands of Seilan and sail westwards about sixty miles, you come to the great province of Malabar, which is styled India the greater. It is the best of all the Indus and is on the main land… There is in the kingdom a great quantity of pepper, and ginger and cinnamon and nuts of India" Marco Polo in his Book of Travels (1292 AD). Kerala, located on the south-western tip of India, enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. A much sought-after destination for tourists in India and abroad, Kerala is named as one of the ‘Ten Paradises of the World’ and ‘Fifty Places of a Lifetime’ by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine. The alluring serenity of this place leaves every tourist spell bound, making them come back year after year. Sandwiched between the Western Ghats on the east, and the Arabian Sea on the West, Kerala is one of the beautiful states in India. A tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches, this thin strip of coastal territory slopes down from the mountain ghats in a cascade of lush green vegetation. Kerala, a paradise where land, sea and sky, come together in a union of elements. With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by forty four rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala is the home to myriad art forms that are generally performed during temple festivals and celebrations. The colorful attires, the ethnic jewellery, the artistic make-up and the beautiful stage settings make these performances all the more special. The art forms of Kerala shed light on the rich cultural heritage of this land as well as the talent of its people. Kerala, with a literacy rate of 90.86% (highest in India), is a state with a large majority of its people well-informed and well-educated. Almost all the people have had primary school education and they make it a point that their children get good schooling too. Most of the people are also fluent in English. The traditional wear is Kerala Set Mundu or Mundum Neriyathum for women and Kasavu Mundu for men. The golden border sets a contrast to the otherwise plain white material, lending it a classic appeal. Though innovations such as a silver border or a mix of golden and other colours in the border are seen, the traditional kasavu remains the favourite. Kerala is forward in terms of its health and medical facilities. There are well equipped hospitals and clinics even in the rural areas. In fact, Kerala is the first Indian state to have a hospital in every village. The state has the lowest infant mortality rate and has the highest life expectancy in India. Even in terms of infrastructure and facilities Kerala outshines the rest of the Indian States. Kerala has eight National Highways and is also well connected by a vast railway network. The international airports at Cochin and Trivandrum have direct flights to Singapore, the Maldives, Colombo and most of the countries in the Middle East. The airport at Calicut has a few international flights but has mostly domestic flights connecting various parts of India. The traditional industrial sector of Kerala, gives employment to more than 1 million people in the state. The industries include coir, cashew, handlooms, handicrafts and bamboo. Kerala is also a fast growing IT hub of the nation. The Techno Park at Trivandrum and Info Park at Cochin, employ thousands of engineers and technicians. Kerala enjoys a good quality of life and is largely a consumer state. The boom in the IT sector has led to massive development in the state. Cochin, the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala is slowly transforming into a big metro. Malls, shopping complexes and multi-plex theatres, finding their way into the cities are just a few indicators of the progress in the state. Be it the sun-kissed beaches or the misty hill stations; the rhythmic backwaters or the forestlands rich with all varieties of flora and fauna; pilgrim centers or historic monuments; Kerala has everything you might travel far and wide to see. Just one visit and you will know why Kerala has the lovely epithets attached to it. So come over to this land that holds promises of leaving you mesmerized and gifting you one of the best holidays you have ever had. Catering & Parties : Outside Catering & Indoor Party Orders Kerala Kitchen Restaurant now gives you the opportunity to treat your friends & family with the goodness of a great Kerala cuisine at your parties & gatherings. Be it birthday, anniversary or small gatherings or huge community gathering, Kerala Kitchen will cater Keralite delicacies at the venue of your choice in Dubai. All your favourite dishes, served to you hot & homely. To Book Catering for your Party or Gatherings call us on

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