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In 1991, Canton became the first Chinese restaurant in the KSA and initially opened as a casual dining establishment. It was known for its high-quality food made from fresh ingredients, which were grown in KSA for the HB Group. Canton has won praise for advocating the use of fresh ingredients and its commitment to serving health-conscious food. The HB Group continues to grow the Canton brand with plans for expansion throughout the world. Already, there are branches in Cairo and Alexandria. Canton is an ideal place for breakfast, a quick lunch with colleagues or an intimate family dinner. We promise high-quality service and great value for the price of food and beverages. MENU OFFERING Canton is open for lunch and dinner with the menu refreshed and updated regularly. The culinary department frequently introduces new and innovative dishes, which keeps core offerings fresh and exciting. Canton is recognized as a leader in Chinese cuisine with its artful selection of delicious and healthy food. The restaurant boasts a uniquely tempting combination of Chinese flavors with its authentic dishes. Popular menu items include: mixed starters, salads, soups, noodles, rice, beef, chicken, seafood and a refreshing beverage list.

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