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Hayat Restaurant has been a local favorite since 1994. We have received numerous recommendations throughout the years for our delicious and creative dishes. Since last 18 years we are continuously serving great dishes and taste to people of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. We are in prospectus height areas of Murabba and Ar-Rayyan near Khurais road. We are getting this success because of the dedication showed by the management and off course due to love showed by the people of Riyadh. Our dishes are mixture of Pakistani, Indian and Chinese cuisine prepared in good hygienic condition and with mouth watering taste. At Hayat Restaurant, we prepare food with different spices and herbs, meticulously cooked to create mouth lingering dishes. Each dish has its own distinctive flavor & aroma, which cannot come from any curry powder in the world. Our goal is to provide our customer with good food in warm relaxing atmosphere. So put down the knife and fork and get down with your hand just like back home.

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