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The restaurant "Khayal" came out of this understanding of food as a human heritage in general, and Turkish food in particular and conveying it with its purity and rituals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have its distinctive taste and special imagination .. in the hands of its customers. You eat delicious food .. Close your eyes and think of the ingredients, carefully separate them in your imagination .. And all the taste of each alone; lamb meat from Mersin .. Black pepper from Antalya .. Cheese from Adana and flour flour from Konya. It is a taste like imagination. Restaurant Khayal combines the elegance of the place with the authenticity of the Turkish cuisine and its flavor. You will find in the imagination a variety of delicious dishes in a luxurious atmosphere and a welcoming reception, which welcomes you daily in Jeddah on lunch and dinner, and offers you a varied menu with appetizers, salads, nuts and desserts. For familie

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