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In 2000, our mother Sabahat Hacıosmanoğlu came to Kaş for a holiday. The texture and natural beauty of this place made him a sudden decision, and our adventure began with a small counter in which he made his recipe which was his mother's hearth. In 2001, we opened our first place in one of the side streets of Kaş, where we serve delicious delicacies from Turkish Cuisine. Your interest has led us to serve in our present location, which is larger in 2005. We are working to make you feel refined flavors and quality service by blending the professional experiences we have gained with our amateur spirit for the first time in 15 years. You can start your day with a breakfast that is full of products with the unique view of Kas, you can enjoy our appetizers while sipping your wine in the afternoon sunshine shaded by the trees in our garden and you can choose your dinner from the rich Turkish menu, which is freshly cooked.

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