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India Palace brings together the ancient culinary art of Royal India using authentic and freshly ‘handpicked’ ingredients. The cuisine of India Palace is nurtured in a specially designed clay ovens & tandoor, inspired by the essence of Indian North West frontier traditions. Our menu reveals a seamless blend of noteworthy chef’s secrets, long forgotten herbs and exotic flavors to pamper the palate. The lingering aroma of deliciously prepared fine and exotic cuisine is formulated by guarded secret recipes handed down from the great Mughal kitchens. Along with the flavors, what makes India Palace a special dine space is its ambiance. To offer a ‘Regal Dining Experience’ India Palace refashions the same dazzling grandeur of the Mughal Dynasty in its finest form through its elaborate pictorial presentation and intricate handcrafted wood work executed by skilled artisans. With an array of highly skilled chefs and friendly courteous staff, the promise to our patrons is a one of kind heartfelt experience in this region.

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