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Nadumuttam is the traditional homestead of old Tharavadu where many generations of a matrilineal family lived. These types of buildings are typically found in the Indian state of Kerala. The traditional architecture is typically a rectangular structure where four halls are joined together with a central courtyard open to the sky. The architecture was especially catered to large families of the traditional tharavadu, to live under one roof and enjoy the commonly owned facilities. The exotic variety of Kerala cuisine at Nadumuttam is surely going to be a wonderful experience for the food lover in you. Nadumuttam present's umpteen choices of delicacies of the Seafood and traditional Kerala cuisine that will titillate your taste buds. We offer our guests an extraordinary place that is created by combining unique architecture and structure, expressive decor and artistry, and magnificent features which brings you all to the gods own country for a moment. You can always trust the delightful seafood served here to work its magic on you, ever so slowly and ever so surely. With a warm, ambience, guests can choose delicacies or even enjoy a full course meal! The menu has been constantly reviewed, innovated and tailored to suit customers tastes and has made a sincere attempt to keep it as authentic as possible.

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