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Kurkum’ is the Arabic term for turmeric, a unique ingredient in most of the Indian dishes that adds colour and taste to food. Turmeric also has medicinal properties and thus makes the food healthier. In short, ‘Kurkum’ represents healthy and tasty food. Kurkum Restaurant located near Mega Mall in Sharjah. Kurkum Restaurant offers a unique opportunity for customers to explore the diverse dishes that are unique to different places in Kerala under one roof. The tables are arranged in such a way that in one row, you can relish the dishes that belong to places from Thiruvananthapuram till Angamali and in the other row, the dishes from Angamali till Kasargod. The menu includes the unique dishes from all the 14 district of Kerala, giving the customers a wider choice. For food lovers from places other than Kerala, Kurkum Restaurant is an ideal place to try out the tasty Kerala delicacies. Besides Kerala cuisine, Kurkum serves authentic North Indian, Pakistani and Arabic dishes.

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