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230 Fifth is open to the public 365 days a year from 4:00PM to 4:00AM daily (closed only on certain days during December for Holiday Parties). 230 Fifth is different! Created and controlled by the former owner of New York's famous Roxy and Palladium nightclubs, 230 FIFTH opened on May 4, 2006 and in just one year of existence has received worldwide recognition as New York's # 1 Rooftop Garden and Fully Enclosed Penthouse Lounge / Bar! 230 Fifth is New York's largest (partially heated for winter) outdoor Rooftop Garden and fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge. While open to the public seven days a week, 230 Fifth has hosted over 1,200 private receptions ranging in size from 20 up to 1,000 guests, including the following: - Goldman Sachs - The Devil Wears Prada Premier Party - Chanel Holiday Party - Opening Broadway Party for Kevin Spacey in "Moon For The Misbegotten" - Morgan Stanley Holiday Party - Google - Louis Vuitton Holiday Party - Microsoft - 'Sopranos' Cast Holiday Party - IBM - Citigroup Holiday Party - Ford Modeling Agency Holiday Party - Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Party Days and Hours of Operation 230 FIFTH is open every day, 365 days of the year from 4:00PM - 4:00AM. We have a fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge and partially heated Rooftop Garden for cooler days. Our Rooftop Garden also has very large, oversize umbrellas for rainy days, or for very hot sunny days (to shield you from too much sun). 230 FIFTH is also open for brunch every Saturday and Sunday (52 weeks a year) from 11:00AM until 4:00PM after which we open for regular restaurant and bar business until 4:00AM. Admission Policy 230 Fifth welcomes everyone 21 years of age or older and dressed appropriately. Admission is free and there is no cover charge (except for New Year's Eve). Final admission is always subject to venue capacity limitations and all the information provided below. See "Reservations," "Dress Policy," and "Bottle Service" below. Reservations Reservations are usually not necessary since we can very comfortably accommodate over 1,000 guests at the same time. Cocktail service and dining seating is usually available to all guests who visit 230 FIFTH, although on (primarily) Thursday/Friday/Saturday during the months of May through September (during certain hours, usually after 8:00PM), admission and seating is usually reserved for open bar or bottle service or guest list reservations. At other times of the year, primarily after 9:00PM on Friday and Saturday, admission and seating is also usually reserved for open bar or bottle service or guest list reservations. See Admission Policy above and Dress Policy and Bottle Service below. Dress Policy Casual smart are the key words. We encourage our guests to 'dress up, not down.' Nice dress jeans, sneakers and a collared polo shirt are fine, but torn, ripped or baggy jeans and plain t-shirts are not permitted. Also not permitted are flip-flops, athletic wear (sneakers are fine), any bold or brightly colored shirts or other brightly colored or boldly striped clothing, any shirts with writing on them, and any other attire that is not in keeping with an upscale environment. Bottle Service We do not encourage 'bottle service' since all of our guests are welcome on an equal basis, subject to capacity limitations, Dress Policy, and everything else noted above and below. We are pleased, however, to accommodate those guests who wish to have priority admission and priority table seating through a 'bottle service' request: Bottle Service on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the warmer Spring/Summer/Fall months is strongly recommended for those persons wishing priority admission and priority seating and, particularly, for groups of five of more people who may have difficulty gaining access without bottle service which assures seating and minimizes overcrowding at the stand-up bars. For reservations made in advance, one bottle of liquor for each six guests; two bottles for seven to twelve guests; three bottles for 13 to 15 guests; four bottles for 16 to 18 guests; for groups with more than 18 guests, please telephone us at (212) 246-1000 for further information. Reservations for groups of two guests can be accommodated (subject to everything else contained in this section and elsewhere on this website) with the purchase of a single bottle of Champagne. The first guests arriving under a Bottle Service reservation will be counted until the maximum reserved for has been reached and any guests beyond that number may or may not be granted admission dependent upon many factors including, but not limited to, venue capacity limitations, the number of guests anticipated to arrive that day, other reservations, and so forth. Bottle service admission and seating not made in advance and requested at the door may require more than one bottle of liquor for any size group of guests than the numbers noted above. This number may vary on a day to day basis depending on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, the number of other reservations made in advance, the weather, existing business conditions at the time guests may arrive at the door without reservations, and so forth. Admission at all times is subject to venue capacity limitations, that which is noted above under Admission Policy, Reservations and Dress Policy, and to the discretion of the Doorman based upon patrons behavior. Bottle Prices Bottle prices start at $250 (Absolut, Stolichnaya, Jack Daniels, etc.) and Champagne at $125 (Mumm’s) and Perrier-Jouet ($135). Public Transportations Subways: N, R, W to '28th Street and Broadway' Station Stop F, V, B, D to '23rd Street and 6th Avenue' Station Stop 6 Train to '28th Street and Park Avenue' Station Stop Buses: M2 and M3 to Fifth Avenue and 27th Street M5, M6, and M7 to Broadway and 27th Street

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