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Take place 7 days a week and perform live at Just Pub Ozluce! January 3, 2015 Registration: 7 days in 7 different live performances that Ontario is the first and only place as soon as Justin Bursa Pub Life: The most popular night of the People's Mujahedeen was one of the moments. In 2016, Bursa again ranked first in the history of the machinery and opened its second branch in Bozkada as the first brand opened in another province as a live music brand born on Bursa And the first live music venue for 7 days, the first place to meet more than expectations and attract participants to the indoor during the summer months for a full 7 days. In particular, with great interest and praise from the participants in Istanbul, Istanbul has been introduced to different cities, especially Istanbul's Just Pub brand. In the first months of 2017, Just Pub started working in the third branch of the newly elevated Oslos district in Bursa. "Just try not to get out of cliches!" Said Just Bob, who focuses on the franchises received from various provinces in the 2018 planning. Work continues to provide innovations with the main theme .

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