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What is Atrium? How are we special? What defines us? As we were planning, reconstructing and improving this beautiful building and turning our ideas into reality, much of our time was spent together, sharing our lives with friends and loved ones. Atrium will be no different. Atrium is first and foremost a meeting place. A peaceful place in the heart of Prague, where you can spend time with your friends or make new ones. An open, light and airy space, with a wonderful outdoor courtyard at its core. A place where you will always encounter great energy, a welcoming atmosphere and friendly, passionate staff. Come alone. Come with company. Come for a quick morning coffee, a beer, a snack, to study, for delicious wine and cocktails or even a relaxed business meeting. Our aim is to make you feel welcome and let time pass you by. In the future, you will also be able to come and enjoy our Beer Bar, Bistro and Cocktail and Champagne Bar. Four distinct services and spaces all under one roof. We are a ‘family’ run business. Our friends are our family.

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