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The building of 't Schippershuus has been a well-known image in Hoogeveen for many years, built at the intersection of Hoofdstraat and Schutstraat. Given its appearance, no one will be surprised to hear that the building is a national monument with a rich history. The building was last renovated in January 2015 by the team that now operates 't Schippershuus. Designed to bring the old and the new together, making it completely contemporary, without detracting from the characteristic elements it possesses. At 't Schippershuus you can now enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea accompanied by homemade cakes. Together with the lunch dishes, hot meals, wines and beers, you can say that we continue the now very well-known image of 't Schippershuus as a pub or café. The menu, just like the interior, has had a major makeover, so it's a good reason to come and enjoy what we have to offer!

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