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Located right off rue St. Anne, Paris' ramen district, Télescope Café is a well-established provider of premium specialty coffee, having played an instrumental role in the development of the movement since opening in 2012. One of the former owners, David Flynn, has actually recently launched a new bean roasting company, Belleville Brûlerie, adding to the diversity of the scene and further promoting the new wave of coffee in Paris. The coffee at Télescope is always of a very high standard. Food options are fairly characteristic of a café whose main focus is high-quality coffee: there is a good assortment of savoury items such as tarts, quiches, pizzas and sandwiches, as well as a range of treats for the sweet-toothed, including crumble, cookies, cake and so forth. If you get there early and need breakfast, enjoy a coffee + toast deal or dig into a delectable bowl of Emperor Norton granola. Télescope Café is a stylish and cosy establishment that accommodates as many customers as comfort allows. If there are no free seats amongst the handful of chairs inside and out, either drink your beverage at the beautiful wooden counter, or grab a takeaway coffee and go and relax in the neighbouring Jardin du Palais Royal. Once you’re done there, take a walk around La Comédie Française and admire the local art students at work.

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