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Located amidst the buzzing nightlife of the Hamra district in Jeddah, and situated near the Red Sea, Caffe Aroma is one of the city's favorite and most frequented restaurants. We are one of the largest indoor restaurants in Jeddah, providing an extensive food menu, and coffee. Coffee has been an integral part of the human diet for centuries and has its origins in East Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Actually the English word 'coffee' comes from the Arabic word for coffee, pronounced 'qahwe'. Our passion for coffee was the motivation for the establishment of Caffe Aroma. The concept for Caffe Aroma was born out of the necessity for an Italian style coffee house in a city dominated by Lebanese style cafes. Thus Caffe Aroma was established in the year 1996 with a simple mission; to provide good coffee within a beautiful setting, and unrivalled service for customer satisfaction which is second-to-none. Here at Caffe Aroma, we serve only the best quality food and coffee because we believe that our clientele deserve nothing less. The ambience, along with our delectable food provide a nearly utopian experience. Initially we specialized in quality coffee, sandwiches and roasted coffee beans, but in the year 1999, we expanded our operations to include a world-class restaurant to meet our loyal customers' demands. By offering a mouthwatering array of dishes, we evolved from a humble cafe into a five-star restaurant which caters to all. Our service and decor provide a unique environment for all our customers whether dining or enjoying a cup of coffee.Caffe Aroma is a perfect stop for friends to gather and enjoy themselves, as well as a great place for families to enjoy quality time together while enjoying great food. Caffe Aroma reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city of Jeddah in that we provide culturally diverse cuisine, bringing to you the most beloved dishes from around the globe. We are proud of our evolution and continuing growth since the year 1996. Our expansion in 2001, when we launched our branch in Dubai, is a testament to our customers' satisfaction. Many people have suggested that our success is due to the right balance and winning 'formula' of our food, coffee, shisha and good music; but if truth be told we know that despite our signature 'formula', our success comes from you, our loyal customers

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