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The Arabic word for coffee is qahwah, this word went into Turkish as Kahve ( Turkish dose not have a W sound) and form that we get the words café and coffee. Qahwah is actually an old Arabic word, but eventually after coffee was introduced it came to mean just coffee. Form this we also get words like caffeine and cafeteria… The coffee plant is a small tree which actually originated it the mountains of Ethiopia. The beans were used as both for food preparation and to make the drink. Ethiopia warriors used to mix fat and coffee beans to produce a high energy snack which help them in battles. From Ethiopia, the Yemenis brought it over and planted it in Yemen almost 600 years ago. The Ethiopians called the tree the coffee beans, and the drink made from them “Bunn” and that became the name of beans in Arabic. I think it’s just a coincidence that “bunn” sounds like ” bean “

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