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Stadium Cafe Betul was founded in 1997, and the company was the first in Mersin with its home-made products, open kitchen cafe and pastry shop. Three years later, we opened the first branch of Cafe Betül as a charming cafe-restaurant under the symbol of Mersin, under the citrus trees, and soon we added catering to our services. This branch, known as Çamlıbel Betül Cafe, has been the haunt of business people since 2000. In 2006, we moved our activities at Betül Cafe to Göçmen. In this branch we continue to serve our guests as Cafe & Bistro. We provide unforgettable breakfasts with the Open Buffet breakfast on Sundays at the migrant branch. As Betül Cafe, we are happy to be a big family with 38 employees. Our mission is to protect our high standards and to always offer you the best quality of our most delicious products.

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