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Whilst Boston Bay may be the birthplace of jerk cuisine, the most highly regarded "jerk pit" is Scotchies, just outside of Montego Bay. Jerk food is cooked in the traditional-style, on open-air barbeques over pimento wood. Spicy jerk chicken and pork are the specialities of Scotchies but a milder jerk fish is also available, along with a wide range of side dishes such as festival, rice and peas, roast yam, breadfruit, potatoes and corn. Food is served wrapped in foil and is available to eat-in or take-away. The eat-in environment is rustically atmospheric, comprising of wooden tables, barrel stools and grass umbrellas. There is also a thatched-roof full service bar ad music playing, making Scotchies a great place to linger a while, soak up the atmosphere and play a few rounds of dominoes.

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