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With a panoramic view of Sarajevo both in daylight and nighttime, in the restaurant Kibe you can enjoy a selection of national Bosnian dishes and grilled lamb. In its long history, this widely known establishment has provided service to eminent individuals from from all over the world and all spheres of society coming: statesmen, representatives of the European Community, highly acclaimed artists etc... Its outstanding reputation and the quality of its service have been continually built and improved since its opening in March 1988, as a result of hard work of the whole Vreto family, led by their head Sakib Vreto, also known as Kibe. Our kind staff always ready to meet any guest's wishes also contributes to this reputation. A tasty meal in one of the seven sections of the restaurant and a magnificent view of Sarajevo are also accompanied by two guitar players, ready to play any music requested by the guests. If you would like to spend a comfortable time in the restaurant Kibe, it is advisable you reserve your places in advance at the telephone number +387 33 441 936. If you come without prior notice, you should ring the bell, as the restaurant is always locked. If there will be free places, you will be kindly served. We accept payment by cash and credit card, and we are open every day, except Sunday, from 10 am to 11 pm. Come, we will be waiting at the address: Vrbanjuša 164, Sarajevo.

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