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BG: Храната, освен да бъде вкусна, може да бъде и много полезна - да ни зарежда с енергия, да ни ободрява, да ни лекува и да ни прави щастливи. В ресторант "Веджик" това е напълно възможно и ние готвим водени от този принцип. Десертите приготвяме от съживени семена и ядки, сурови и сушени плодове, какаово и кокосово масло, супер храни-чиа, мак, спирулина. Готварската сол сме заменили изцяло с хималайска, а бялата захар със сурова тръстикова, кленов сироп, мед, агаве и стевия. ПРИНЦИПИ Термичната обработка е възможно най-щадящата, за да може храната да запази богатството си от витамини, минерали, микроелементи и Омега мастни киселини. Изсушаваме на дехидрататор до 48 градуса, приготвяме храната предимно на пара и на фурна. Пърженето и микровълновата фурна нямат място в нашата кухня. Приготвяме хляб с квас и содени питки от пълнозърнести брашна - пшенично, ръжено и от лимец. За тези които избягват глутена , печем питки от безглутенови брашна.Готварската сол сме заменили изцяло с хималайска, а бялата захар със сурова тръстикова, кленов сироп, мед, агаве и стевия. EN: esides being savoury, food may be quite beneficial to our health by topping up our energy, refreshing, curing and making us feel happy. In the Veggic restaurant this is absolutely possible and we cook our meals guided by this principle. The products used in our cuisine are entirely of plant origin – fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal and legume crops, raw and germinated seeds and kernels, dried fruits, whole grain flours. Thermal processing is as sparing as possible so that food would preserve the riches of vitamins, minerals, microelements and Omega fatty acids. We season the products in a dehydrator at 48 degrees and prepare the meals mainly by steaming or oven baking. Frying pans and microwave ovens are out of place in our cuisine. PRINCIPLES Thermal threatment is possible most friendly, to preserve the welth of vitamines, minerals microelements and omega - fatty acids in the food. We dry on dryer up to 48 degrees (celsius), food praparation is mainly on steam and oven. Frying and microwave are not used in our kitchen. We prepare bread with leaven and soda cakes from whole grain flours - wheat, rye and einkorn wheat. We bake cakes from gluten - free flours. We bake leavened and soda breads of whole grain wheat, rye and spelt flours. We vary those by adding olives, dried tomatoes, spices, seeds and kernels. For those who avoid gluten we bake pitas of gluten free millet, buckwheat, rice and corn flours, we parch crackers of hemp, sesame and sunflower seeds. Salads are flavored with cold pressed olive oil and enriched with sprouts germinated by us on the spot in the restaurant. We prepare desserts of revived seeds and nuts, raw and dried fruits, cocoa and coconut butter, super foods – chia, maca , spirulina. We have totally replaced table salt with Himalayan salt while raw cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave syrup and stevia are used instead of white sugar. Our cuisine never makes use of products of animal origin, potassium glutamate, E-additives, colorants, preservatives, artificial flavors and trans fats. Preparation of good food requires a lot of affection and care. This takes up quite some time. Have confidence in us before you lose your patience.

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