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Each Bulgarian is carrying deep inside the Old Bulgarian tradition in the way we inherited it from our ancestors. We are always fond of the typical Bulgarian cuisine with the tasty dishes prepared and served in the unique manner of our grannies. Therefore we launched for you a chain of restaurants Pod Lipite/Under the Linden Trees in Burgas and Sofia. These are genuine Bulgarian restaurants bearing the national renaissance charm. The restaurants are organized in old Bulgarian houses – monuments of culture – the typical famous Bulgarian houses built of stone and wood. The typical Bulgarian atmosphere in the Pod Lipite/Under the Linden Trees restaurant with the delicious "once upon a time" Bulgarian dishes, the sound of national folk rhythms and the linden scent are the projection of the vivid national spirit. The Pod Lipite/Under the Linden Trees restaurants gave new vitality to the taste of Bulgarian tradition and will keep it for the future generations thanks to you.

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