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Kalenda is the first exclusively vegetarian gastronomic space in the Colonial Zone, created from the deep conviction that "we are what we eat" and that every time we are more and more people in the process of changing our dietary patterns, independently of what stage of this we are, and that we do not have places to eat healthy in the area or in its surroundings. At Kalenda we firmly believe in conscious eating as a possible and necessary lifestyle, and not as a fad, and we also know that we can eat healthy and at the same time very rich, respecting the harmony and cycles of the earth, that's why our cuisine is based on the flavors, textures, and colors of the Caribbean and the island and all its gastronomic and cultural wealth, which has not yet been fully exploited. Our cuisine is fundamentally dairy-vegetarian, with touches of creole and oriental cuisine. We prepare our food with local organic products, offering a varied menu that we plan to gradually develop and expand. Every day we realize the need to feed ourselves better and the difficulties that often exist to find healthy food places in the city. In Kalenda we aspire to be the first 100% organic restaurant in the country and promote a more harmonious and environmentally friendly life from different spaces.

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