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Portofino is an upmarket restaurant located on the third floor of the building of the Deana Day Spa, on the marginal. If I'm not wrong, the place belongs to Angola's First Lady, the wife of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos (Ana Paula?) and actually, the only time I went to the spa she was there! We went to Portofino on a Sunday evening, and apart from us two, plus two other customers, it was completely empty. It is brand new, very neat and very chic, but a bit too much in my taste. It may look like a good copy of poshier places, but it doesn't manage to have a real authentic feel... The waiters were great, among the most professional I've seen in Luanda: Efficient, smiling and smart. I ordered the baby beef, which cost me 3,750 kwanzas and it was good, though overpriced knowing we also paid 1600 kwanzas for couverts + 1000 kwanzas for water we didn't ask for.. My friend had the risotto, which she said was the best she had in Luanda. She said it was a bit expensive but worth it for her. For dessert, we tried the cheesecake (1,600 kwanzas) which was average.. Overall, I think a full meal in this restaurant will cost you well over $100, making it among the most expensive in Luanda. With some nice lounge music in the background and a beautiful view on the marginal, we had a very pleasant dinner. That is why I would recommend Portofino for a date, or anything intimate between a few people only. More laidback, you also have the Bahia restaurant only a few meters away if you come with a big group of friends. Practical Information: - Parking for customers - Open everyday from 12h to midnight - Free wifi - It is also a lounge so you can come only for a drink if you prefer

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