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The Ethos building is special, one of Hobart’s oldest and most unusual buildings. Once long forgotten, the historic building and it’s walled courtyard have been given a new lease on life. The oldest part of the building was constructed around 1820 and served as the stable of The Old Hobart Hotel. The hotel was demolished around 1830 and the building that now surrounds the walled stable yard was constructed soon after. Several other additions ahve been made to the building over the last 100 years or so, while Ash Chemist and Druggist operated throughout the 100 Elizabeth Street sight from around 1830 to 2000. The stable building that Ethos now occupies has lain dormant for around 100 years since the carriageway access has been blocked off. Through the long renovation process we have managed to salvage a lot of materials including hundreds of chemist bottles, film processing equipment and packing crates, which we have gone to great lengths to re-integrate within the site. The bottles have become chandeliers, sugar and milk jugs, crates now house herbs and other edible plants, and old film drying reels are light features in the carriageway. It gives the space a very established and comfortable feel. Only one new wall was erected in the renovation, sectioning off the kitchen, which we feel leaves the history of the building as the predominant feature. Ethos caters to a wide range of groups and events, from birthday dinners, weddings to corporate lunches. We can accommodate large groups in our main dining area, hire out the entire venue for parties, receptions and events, or book a private section for intimate dinners and conferences. The functions team at Ethos can customise menus and packages at negotiated prices for your event, large or small. For further information call us (03) 6231 1165 or email

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