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About us Kirsten, Sebastien & Pearl Brasserie Our philosophy is simple... good food, comfortable surroundings with friendly & attentive staff. We serve traditional French cuisine in a warm, modern, informal environment Tranquil music, open Peat fire places and exotic aquariums. Pearl Brasserie first opened its doors on the 7th December 2000. Our first objective was to build a team with a hunger to learn and a passion for detail. The same hard work was being asked of the suppliers. So we were able to get the best Irish and French produce on a daily basis. "We believe Passion, Dedication & Professionalism are the best ingredients to produce young talent" "A strong co-operation from the front room and the kitchen is the root to obtaining an exceptional finished product" Sebastien believes his menus will take you on a culinary journey around France whilst giving you the true taste of Pearl Brasserie. Bon Appetite

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