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The Resort Kupferquelle Resort is – in every sense - an unusual resort in Namibia. Here we combine the rustic charm of Namibia with the most sophisticated demands made to a relaxing and exciting resort. DROS Steakhouse Our DROS Steakhouse is the only restaurant of the South African franchise in Namibia, although it is exactly how a steak house should be in southern Africa: Rustic, colourful, rich in detail with an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner, which is quite unique within a radius of about 450 kilometres. We also offer an amazing kiddie’s room at our DROS restaurant, where the children can play in the kids jungle, prepare their own pizzas or play Playstation. You will remember our menu for a long time regardless of sitting inside in our restaurant or outside on the veranda. Our bar is also something very special. There is nothing you won’t find here – but the three following pictures explain more than a thousand words. Swimming pool Our swimming pool is a special highlight at our resort. With its olympic size of 8 fifty-meter laps it is one of only three swimming pools of this size in Namibia and the only one in the north of the country.

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