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The phrase "I saw the king, he was entering Lhardy" was frequent heard. Although the name of Lhardy is associated with history, the new generations will have the opportunity of getting to know a place where they can cover, via the different offers, a gastronomy that is always fashionable. The produce used is chosen every day at the best establishments in Madrid. This is the only way that a good dish can be elaborated, with this unbeatable process of selection. Each and every one of the products offered at Lhardy, be it in the shop, the restaurant or the catering service, are hand-made in the kitchen; A good example is the very bread that is served at the tables is elaborated in the restaurant’s own bakery. Lhardy renews its stock daily, totally handmade, as the rule of the house is that the same product will not be offered during more than one day to its clients. As does its confectionary –croissants, Swiss buns, pie and tarts– and its cold meats –scarlet sole, boar’s head, sweet ham– all are products of Lhardy, as well as the dishes that are prepared for sale in the shop. Through Lhardy the European haute cuisine came to Madrid, and the refined international confectionary. The great pieces of game, the mounted and stuffed fowl, the masterly sauces, the beef relevées or the baked fish has distinguished its prolonged culinary experience. The historic recipes of Lhardy, like the stuffed chicken or the veal Prince Orloff, which have been recovered with all their refinement, while the fish dishes highlights the new creations of the hake filled with seafood and the Cumberland sauce, the lobster a la rusa, and the splendid symphony of sea bass with king prawns and sole with cham-pagne, following the tradition of the house. But Lhardy from its beginnings has also been attentive with the popular dishes of the local cuisine, that of which at least three typical dishes of Madrid have reached star status on its ranges: the cocido Madrileño (stew), callos a la madrileña (tripe) and riñones al jerez (kidneys in sherry). The menu has been updated profiling its agility in the wide design of international cuisine and in the incorporation of a great variety of soups, creams, salads and vegetables. At Lhardy great care is taken in every detail, from the table presentation to the final touch of the dishes, and it uses this diplomatic virtue to foretell the clients taste. Its wine stock deserves a mention apart, pioneer of the cavas in restaurants in Spain, an assortment of the great French wines of “château”, together with the eminent reserves of la Rioja or el Duero, without forgetting to end any meal with their liquors. Lhardy has three original salons: the Isabelino, with a capacity for 60 people; the Japanese salon for multiple uses or in private with a capacity for 25 people, and the White salon, a private dining room for 2 to 10 people. And three newer salons; the Sarasate ( up to 24 people); Gayarre (from 2 to 10 people) and the Tamberlick (from 2 to 8 people). A restaurant that conserves the ambience of evocation, right in the centre of Madrid and is now entering into the 21st Century, it is and always has been a work of marked sensibility. Also, for those who do not wish to travel, an extensive list of exquisite dishes, appetizers, cold meats and confectionary supply the possibility of having the quality of Lhardy anywhere that one wants. A cocktail party, a business lunch, a wedding, a family dinner or any other celebration, prepared with all the care that this establishment has always done. This offer goes from the preparation of the dishes to the table service and the personnel that attend. Restaurante. Desde 1839. En La Puerta del Sol. Carrera de San Jerónimo nº 8. Madrid. España. Ahora también en el Mercado de San Miguel y el puesto nº 64 del Mercado de Torrijos.

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