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Back in 1986, Antonio and Maria Salteris built a tavern on Mikri Vigla beach. Since then, Kontos restaurant and bar has been a top Naxos restaurant. Mikri Vigla is a sandy beach located south west of Naxos Island, around 17 kms from the capital. Kontos restaurant is the signature restaurant of the Kontos Studios and Apartments complex which is beautifully located in an elevated location on the cape, overlooking the magnificent Aegean Sea. Needless to say, Kontos restaurant offers breathtaking views of the clear waters and the untouched surroundings. The restaurant is well spread out and has a big outdoor space to accommodate its guests. The big open area and beautiful surroundings gives the place a terrific ambience. The atmosphere within is warm, and the friendly staff makes sure that one feels comfortable. The restaurant offers homemade Aegean and local Naxial specialties and uses freshest of ingredients to prepare these.Ask a waiter for a tour of these fields and he will be most willing to oblige! The dishes are prepared using original traditional recipes and this is a reason for the growing popularity of this restaurant over the years. The restaurant offers homemade barrel wine and the traditional Greek “raki” or “tsipouro”, which is produced in their own vineyards using traditional distilling methods and procedures. The crowd here is a good mix of European tourists and locals, and the prices are pretty reasonable for the services offered. The Kontos restaurant is truly a one of its kind destination. It is one of the few joints to be certified by Greek National Tourism Organisation for its traditional Greek cuisine and high quality of products! It has also been recommended by leading food and travel guides and is a must visit destination for holiday goers in Naxos Island.

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