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Mythos Restaurant is conveniently located in Lindos square next to the information kiosk. In our Restaurant and bar you may enjoy the natural beauty of the Acropolis and Harbor of Lindos village while having your lunch or dinner, your drink or even your coffee or tea! Here, the blessed olive oil, the spices, vegetables and the pure ingredients of Rhodes’ mountains are not grown with chemicals. The meat: chicken, beef and pork are from our own farm in Lardos and are organic. Our farm is carefully managed according to biological directives. Our fish is fresh and caught in Lindos area! These are the main materials used by our chef to create superb and special dishes! Mythos restaurant is experienced in catering for your “Perfect Wedding reception” from the superb dinner, to the table decorations and wedding cake in combination with the fantastic view of Lindos village, the Acropolis and Lindos harbor. Our venues take place on the rooftop garden and we can accommodate any type of venue. Our expert team will assist you for a stress free and successful event.

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