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Rampila Restaurant is located opposite St. John's Cavalier on a Valletta back street corner yet is only a few metres from the hustle and bustle of Republic Street and City Gate. How to find us. Turning first left after passing into to the city through City Gate and then left again you find an olive tree, an antique stone bench and the railings around the entrance to Rampila. Here, despite being so close to such a busy intersection, at Rampila you will find a true oasis of peace, relaxation and hospitality. From the street and going down the original stone stairs you will find yourself in a delightful tunnel dining room with a fully domed stone ceiling. This was constructed in 1570 as the access passage to the bastion gun emplacement but is now devoted to an entirely more peaceful purpose! Look beside you and in a smaller domed room there is a cosy wine bar. The far wall is stacked high with bottles upon bottles of fine wines and set into the stone floor a glass panel gives you a view of the wine cellar below carved from the solid rock that is Valletta. But your eye draws you down to the end of the tunnel. You notice a sign to "Museum". In a restaurant? Its as much a part of Malta as the very stone of the walls, the Traditions and Crafts of the island and her people. You see that there is a corner, you go around it and there is a strange “Hobbit” like heavy wooden door. It is open and you go through. You are on a stunningly pretty terrace. The bastions stretch above you, an ancient well is cut into the living rock, the fountain sings, olive trees, shady umbrellas, you settle at a table and take in the view. Looking directly at City Gate Bridge that you left only moments ago you see all the activity and movement in and out of Valletta. But you have left all that behind, you,relax, pick up the menu and the wine list. And the rest (as they say) - is history! The Recent History: The delightful Traditions and Crafts Exhibition opened in 1999. This is a remarkable and unique record of traditional Maltese life of one hundred years ago. This exhibition takes the visitor back to the past with detailed recollections and life size animated figures depicting the world as it was. Soon the visitors to the Exhibition and the location were able to enjoy fine food and wines at the acclaimed Fusion 4 Restaurant and Terrace in the same complex. Fusion 4 became recognised in Malta and abroad for its fine standards and excellent cuisine. In the summer of 2010 Rampila Restaurant, Wine Bar and Terrace was introduced to grow on this great reputation. Our menu at Rampila boasts an intriguing Maltese/Mediterranean fusion, with traditional dishes like rabbit, quail and duck being presented in all sorts of creative and tempting ways. For those who are after a quiet evening out over a bottle of wine, a selection of wine-bar nibbles is also available and is complemented by a lovely selection of wines (that you’ll be happy to know, are extremely reasonably priced).Our Menu offers daily specials of market fresh fish, fine meats, only fresh pastas, homemade desserts. The ambiance has been maintained and the interior to the Tunnel Restaurant refurbished. The terrace is as stunning as ever and the kitchen beats all expections. The Traditions and Crafts of Malta Exhibition is available for all visitors to view, If its intimate event, a business reservation, a celebration a visit to Rampila will not disappoint. - International Restaurant Guide - AllRestaurants Website & Magazine

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